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The Jews from Morocco and Gibraltar were one of the most remarkable immigrant groups who integrated Cape Verdean society in the 19th century. Although the collective memory registers the group's presence and influence, there is still deep lack of knowledge about this historical experience. This migratory phenomenon finds parallel in other Atlantic spaces where, in apparently close periods, elements of those same Jewish communities from North Africa have converged. 

These are the assumptions that led the Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPC) to organise an International Conference for the approach of this still little-explored history with regard to Cape Verde, but also to the other Atlantic points that simultaneously received elements of that same community. Thus, under the title, "Jewish Presence in Cape Verde (XIX-XX century)", the IPC intends to bring together, in Praia, national and foreign researchers, from different disciplinary areas, who can contribute with their reflections to the elucidation of this diaspora process. Inscribed as a focus of analysis, the experience in the archipelago claims to be known in more detail, which implies also being perceived in the light of others that happen in parallel, in the search for similarities, originalities and the networks woven by these actors, including new connection spaces.

Thematic axes proposed:

  1.  The historical context of the emigration of Jews to the Overseas of European empires in the 19th century.

  2.  Attractiveness factors of Cape Verde in the face of Jewish emigration; coeval experiences.

  3.  The Jew’s contribution to opening up Cape Verde to international trade networks.

  4.  Jews in Atlantic societies: economic insertion, social participation and cultural influences.

  5.  "Resistance": Social and religious practices of the Jewish community in host societies.

  6.  Jewish heritage: from inventory to valuation strategy.

  7.  "Jewish-descendant": a social identity in Atlantic societies of Portuguese origin? The dynamics of identity construction.

  8.  The Hebrew in the eyes of the other: myths and reality.

Proposals: summaries of up to 300 words, together with a short biographical note, to be sent to email:

Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 September 2020  

Lecturer Registration Form, here

Non-Lecturer Registration Form, here

Note: the organizing institution will guarantee the tickets and accommodation to the speakers.


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